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8-Part Budget Template for Google Sheets

8-Part Budget Template for Google Sheets

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IMPORTANT: This is a digital product. Nothing will physically be shipped to you.

This 12-month template is designed for use within Google Sheets, which is available with a free gmail account. Note: you will lose some functionality within the template if you choose to use Microsoft Excel.

Your all-in-one digital budgeting solution is here!

Direct your money like never before with this feature-packed template. Easily monitor your progress with dozens of auto-generated summaries and charts. 

You can even budget on the go using the Google Sheets app! Your spreadsheet will update across your devices and you can collaborate with other stakeholders in your budget.


  • Customize your budget categories
  • Categorize your income
  • Checkboxes for "autopay" and "paid"
  • Zero-based: give every dollar a job
  • Budget based on when you're paid
  • Accommodates solo, couples, and family budgeting
  • Seamlessly track credit card spending with an auto-populated credit card transactions table for each month
  • Overspending highlights with red text
  • Spending summaries, reflection prompts
  • Quick links on the annual dashboard for easy navigation

What's Included

  • Budget template in 4 versions (choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 budgets per month)
  • 28 tabs: Start Here, Annual Dashboard, Net Worth Tracker, 12 Monthly Budget Tabs, 12 Expense Trackers, and a Master Category List
  • Tutorial videos for every tab
  • Annual Dashboard:
    - Goals
    - Auto-calculated summaries and charts for monthly income, debt payoff, saving, investing, fixed expenses, and variable expenses
    - Debt payoff table
    - Savings bucket tracker: track up to 12 savings goals
    - Master bill calendar: great for referencing when creating each budget
    - Subscription tracker

The 8-Part Budget

  • Built with wealthbuilding AND fulfillment in mind, this framework is what sets this tool apart from any other budget planner/template. The 8PB organizes and prioritizes ALL areas of your finances into eight sections. It's time to stop considering your financial landscape only bills and debt. Life is about so much more than that, and wealth-building cannot happen unless we multi-task our money!

Actual colors may vary slightly on your device due to varying monitor displays.

Upon purchasing the Google Sheet, you will receive an email with a PDF attached. This PDF includes links to the Google Sheet templates, and you will be prompted to make a copy of your desired version. 

Note: This is a digital product. Nothing will physically be mailed to you. 

I do not accept returns on this product. Please read my Shop Policy for more details.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This is exactly what I needed to get my finances in order. Very helpful to know exactly where my money is going!


EXCELLENT spreadsheet. May family and I put it to immediate use and have found so much value already.


Very easy to follow. And extremely helpful


It’s the perfect budget planner. Especially for my fiancé and I who are diving into the world of joint finances. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rachel!