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Mosaic Wealth Planner for Google Sheets - Minimalistic

Mosaic Wealth Planner for Google Sheets - Minimalistic

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IMPORTANT: This is a digital product. Nothing will physically be shipped to you.

This 12-month template is designed for use within Google Sheets, which is available with a free gmail account. Note: you will lose some functionality within the template if you choose to use Microsoft Excel.


Choose between monthly, semi-monthly, and bi-weekly versions of the template. (Weekly is NOT available in this edition.) No need to purchase separate files. Your download will include links to all 3 versions!

Managing your finances has never been so easy, fast and sleek!

Set up your budgets for the entire year in just minutes with the all-new, highly automated Mosaic Wealth Planner for Google Sheets.

No other template is equipped to automatically construct your budgets with various pay tempos in one spreadsheet, while integrating everything from monthly bills to bills due on the same day every week and even bi-weekly mortgage payments! 

Budget on the go using the Google Sheets app! Your spreadsheet will update across your devices and you can collaborate with other stakeholders in your budget.


  • Drop ALL of your bills and pay details on the Start Here tab, and let the template do the heavy lifting! Upon completion of this setup tab, you'll enjoy:
    • Dated money calendars with paydays highlighted and bills listed on the days they're due
    • Budget start and end dates pre-populated
    • ALL fixed expenses listed in the first block of your budget in chronological order, complete with estimates you provided as well as autopay yes/no indications
    • ALL variable spending per paycheck pre-loaded below the fixed expenses
    • ALL automatic saving/investing/giving pre-loaded into the appropriate sections of the 8-Part Budget
  • Your template won't stop at just monthly bills. Your money calendars and budgets will also include
    • Recurring weekly bills (e.g. daycare due every Friday)
    • Irregular subscriptions (e.g. annual Amazon Prime subscription)
    • Your bi-weekly mortgage payments
  • Need to add or remove a bill mid-year, but don't want to impact prior budgets? Simple. Each month includes a master bill list that will help you do this quickly and painlessly. Just view the tutorial linked inside the template to see how it's done!
  • And because most budgets are complex and involve more than one pay tempo in the household, the template is constructed to take in up to 3 additional incomes of either monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly frequency. The additional income paydays will be marked on your money calendars and seamlessly integrated into your budget! NOTE: Weekly budgeting is NOT an option for the overall template. It is only available as an additional income option. 

What's Included

  • Budget template in 3 versions (choose between monthly, semi-monthly and bi-weekly)
  • 31 tabs: Read Me, Start Here, Year at a Glance, Annual Dashboard, Savings Bucket Tracker, Net Worth Tracker, Retirement, 12 Monthly Budget Tabs, 12 Expense Trackers, and a set of digital stickers
  • Tutorial videos for every tab (find the link on the Read Me tab)
  • NEW! The Savings Bucket Tracker is now its own tab! Easily set goals for every savings effort, and rest assured that any automatic saving you listed on the setup tab will automatically populate for every single month.
  • Annual Dashboard:
    - Goal progress for income, investing, savings rate, net worth and debt payoff
    - Auto-calculated summaries and charts for monthly income, debt payoff, saving, investing, fixed expenses, and variable expenses

The 8-Part Budget

  • Built with wealth-building AND fulfillment in mind, this framework is what sets this tool apart from any other budget planner/template. The 8PB organizes and prioritizes ALL areas of your finances into eight sections. It's time to stop considering your financial landscape only bills and debt. Life is about so much more than that, and wealth-building cannot happen unless we multi-task our money!

Actual colors may vary slightly on your device due to varying monitor displays.

Upon purchasing the Google Sheet, you will receive an email with a PDF attached. This PDF includes links to the Google Sheet templates, and you will be prompted to make a copy of your desired version. 

Note: This is a digital product. Nothing will physically be mailed to you. 

I do not accept returns on this product. Please read my Shop Policy for more details.

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